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Playgroup First Trip to Seaworld

Date: February 27, 2018 Author: stepaniejessica Categories: News

Today is the moment that the playgroup children have been waiting for. Friday February 23rd 2018, was their first educational field trip with teachers and friends to Seaworld. The objectives of this trip is not only having fun but we also teach the children to apply “BEST” as TKK 6 PENABUR student’s profile. They have to learn to be tough children when they finished their trip although, at first, they said they wanted to go with their mommy and they were able to greet the guides warmly and said thank you to them.

Upon arriving at Seaworld, we took a few minutes to have a picture in front of the building that has shark on the top of it. Even though they all can’t wait to get inside and see the giant aquarium but they have showed attentiveness by making a nice queue to get the their hand to be stamped. We were divided into three groups and each group has their own guide to explain the sea creatures there. The best part was when they fed the sea turtle, they took turn with friends so all kids were happy and the sea turtle as well. Through this trip we taught the childrento thank God for creating a beautiful sea creatures and keep the sea environment clean.