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Let’s Take a Trip to the Grocery Store

Date: February 13, 2018 Author: stepaniejessica Categories: News

A mini trip to the grocery store turned into a real experience for the K1-children of TKK 6 PENABUR. On Friday February 9th 2018, we went to the grocery store by walking since it’s near from our school. There is so much children can learn from the grocery store. From all the different types of food to how a grocery store operates or the basic operations, the grocery store offers lots of great learning opportunities.

When the children arrived there, the store clerk welcomed us politely. He showed us the sections from fruits and vegetable section, dairy section, and snacks section. The children were allowed to buy only healthy foods such as biscuit, fruits, and milk. Before the time to shop they took a basket first, then chose the things and continued to the cashier and pay. Through this activity the children will see grocery shopping from a whole new perspective!