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K1 Students are Having Fun at Kidzania

Date: April 14, 2014 Author: Categories: Events

On Tuesday, March 4th 2014, all Kindergarten 1 students had a fieldtrip to Kidzania. The students were very excited. They told their teachers what they would do and played in Kidzania. “I want to be a fireman.”said Reagan (K1.4). “I want to be a nurse.” said Jessica (K1.3).



Some of students worked at the factory and made something. After that, they could bring home their product that they made. Besides, some of the students can paint the wall, be a doctor, a dancer,  put out the fire, ,, etc.





At Noodle Factory, they could watch how to make  noodle. They tried to do it by themselves. When the noodle is finished, they could bring home the noodle.


We were having fun and learning many things at Kidzania. Thank You God for the exciting time.

Ms. Vero (K1. 3-4)