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First Day Of School

Date: July 19, 2017 Author: stepaniejessica Categories: News

What a lovely day… On Monday, July 17th 2017 was the first day of school for PG, K1 and K2 classes. They were so excited to have some fun with friends and teachers at school. Mommy and daddy were assisting the children to enter their classes. Before we started the class, all children had the habituation such as toilet training, washing their hands with steps and lining up. After they have finished it all, they entered the class to sing along together, played with some toys and ate their meal. Finally, when the classes have ended the teachers asked the children to tidy up their meal boxes and bottles. We had our closing prayer and each of the children got the souvenir that has been made by the teachers. “Yeayyyy… miss, I want the blue color”. They chose the souvenir based on their favorite color. See you tomorrow kids, God bless you!