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Firefighters Visit TKK 6 PENABUR

Date: February 8, 2018 Author: stepaniejessica Categories: News

What a great experience that our children had today with a visit from our local firefighters. On Monday, February 5th 2018 the children were so excited upon seeing a big red truck parked on our school parking lot. Our theme for K2 class this month is about profession of Fire Fighters.  First, we gathered in the playground and they discussed the importance of fire safety with the children, what to do in an emergency and they even showed us their fire truck, uniforms… And best of all, they sprayed the hose with us!We also took them for a short ride around the parking lot and turn on the siren, it was so fun. The children were so excited to have the chance to be inside the big red truck.

Through this learning we want them to have the new experience. This experience helped the children to develop a better understanding of fire safety. The importance of educating and protecting children from the dangers and trauma that can be caused by fire, especially fires in and around the home, is widely recognized. They also have their famous tag line which is “PantangPulangSebelumPadam”.